Terms & Conditions

The LookBook App has “Terms & Conditions” that guide users on how to use our service, including the registration and the employer-candidate relationship. By using the services offered by The LookBook App, you agree to be legally bound by the following “Terms & Conditions”. We reserve the right as our exclusive discretion to revise or change these “Terms & Conditions” whenever required. And the modified terms will come into effect when they are posted.

We recommend you thoroughly review the following “Terms & Conditions” before using our services.

(a) Eligibility

Any individual of eighteen (18) years of old or older who can constitute legally binding contracts can avail our Job Search Services by using The LookBook App. You must agree with all the terms and conditions to become a Registered User of The LookBook App. Once you become a Registered User, you agree to the following:

(1)  You are responsible for complying with the Terms & Conditions and every process, method, and guidelines described throughout the App;

(2)  You are responsible for all financial matters associated with the use of The LookBook App;

(3)  You are responsible for performing your obligations as defined by any Job Agreement accepted by you unless any law or the Terms & Conditions prohibit such obligations. The LookBook App reserves the exclusive right to reject or terminate Services to anybody.

(b) Registration

Registering by making an Account on The LookBook App is required to become a Registered User and to access Services. You must submit accurate and complete personal information as the registration form directs. You are also responsible for updating this information to keep them accurate always.

(c) Accounts and Profiles

Once you have become a Registered User of The LookBook App, the App will create your Account. You will have to make a profile (your credentials).

You need to choose your username and password during registration to log in. You are responsible for protecting and keeping your username and password confidential. You allow The LookBook App to assume that anybody using the App on your behalf using your username and password is you. You are responsible for immediately informing us if you find any unauthorized account use.

(d) Conflict with these Terms and Conditions

You agree not to become involved in any contractual or Job Agreement provisions that go against these Terms and Conditions. Any contractual provision (a contract made between the Candidate and the Employer) against these Terms and Conditions is void.

The Employer or Organization is responsible for managing, scrutinizing, accepting, and paying the Candidate according to the Job Agreement. The Candidate or Job Seeker is responsible for performing the Job according to the Job Agreement constituted with the Employer. However, The LookBook App is not responsible for any job agreement created between the Employer and the Candidate.

The relationship between Employer and Candidate is a contract only between them, and both acknowledge and agree. Nothing in those job agreements will be the responsibility of The LookBook App.

(e) Registered Users and The LookBook App

The LookBook App is not responsible for any dealing, contracting, transaction, or fulfillment of any Job between a Candidate and an Employer/Organization. The LookBook App has no control over and does not agree to the quality, qualifications, background, knowledge, and expertise of Registered Users. The LookBook App is not responsible for or does not guarantee the Candidate’s ability to perform the Job, what the Employer pays to the Candidate and retain the Candidate longer or not, and whether an Employer or Candidate can or will fulfill a Job. The LookBook App has no control over how a Candidate or Employer operates and is not responsible for recruiting, firing, and working environment/conditions of the Organization.

These Terms and Conditions and any registration for The LookBook App or subsequent use of the App by any user will not be considered and interpreted as making or implying any bond of agency, business contract, partnership, or joint venture between you and The LookBook App.